Sunday, October 18, 2009

Parking sensors

Interesting, but not surprisingly, 60% of buyers are women.
The most cautious drivers choose a system with four sensors and display in the rear view mirror. The only systems that ensure a carefree parking have more than three sensors, otherwise the car's back is not completely covered. Easy to install, no need to replace rear-view mirror and have a minimum limit of detection distance of 30 cm. A number of aftermarket products are especially attractive to those who value convenience and comfort.
Hmm, i don't have parking sensors on my car and i don't want to install them either. But if i imagine myself when i started driving, back then i would of really appreciated some sensors to make my parking perfect. Come to think of it, i hit another car in the parking lot one night, because my windows were smoky due to temperature. So, a small investment can go a long way.