Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's been so long since i decided to write again.. if i remember that times, I'm not sure the car GPS was a valuable piece of the car. But nowadays it surely is.
I can comment on hundreds of GPS models, manufacturers, special functions, shapes, sizes, you name it :) The best thing about this car gadget is that you cannot get lost. Sounds pretty good doesn't it ?
Let me share you a little story about a friend of mine who came into town. He had his driving license for 2 years, but he never got out of his home city. One day he decided to come visit me. I wanted to explain to him how to get here, but he told me very directly : "just tell me the exact address, my GPS will show me the way". And it did :)
Come to think of it, this is for both experienced or inexperienced drivers. If you need an address, direction, that inside safety for not making right when you should of went forward, this is a car gadget you can count on.