Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Concept gym car

Da Feng, a graduate of the British Faculty, created the concept Gym Car. It is powered by an electric motor that takes energy from one set of lithium-ion batteries. What is really unique is the way the batteries are loaded.

The driver must make physical exercises in order to generate enough energy to recharge the batteries. The designer has been able to combine a range of fitness equipment in the vehicle. It includes a stepper, a rowing machine, a device for pushing the chest and even a simulation of traction.
This gym on wheels uses only the steering wheel, pedals and seat as an apparatus and the mechanical energy generated by their movement is converted into electricity to recharge the batteries thus propelling the vehicle. The model's exterior has common features with both Formula 1 car and the fighter airplanes.

It is unclear if you can exercise while driving, or if you need to recharge the batteries while standing and then drive. The designer did not give many details of his project, which is probably just a design exercise.