Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Car gadgets

When you hear “gadgets” where does your mind go? Inventions maybe, crazy contraptions… the synonyms may vary but we all have to agree that we love them.
Now I want to say something about car gadgets. Probably the car manufacturers didn’t realize, but if we look back in the past, they have created some car gadgets themselves. Let’s take the radio for example. A long time ago, radios were not included in the car, they were purchased separately. If we take a leap to the present days, an ordinary car has at least cd/mp3 player, with complex stereo system. This may be a car gadget itself.
Over the years, people invented car gadgets to change the way we feel when driving, to give us a plus regarding this wonderful experience. Today we have abs, esp, airbags, I’m curious how cars will be 10 years from now. Dare I start talking about the new auxiliary energy breakthroughs ? It’s all amazing I tell you.
Like all other markets, car gadgets evolved. Let’s take the mobile phone. Smart people said : why not equip the car with a phone ? Smarter people said : Hmm, this may be somewhat dangerous. With small paces the car phone evolved to the mobile phone, next to handsfree car kit. They nowadays maybe using Bluetooth technology. I can use the same example with videos. Now we have LCD panels in our cars, or even mini TVs.
GPS, fancy key starters, radar detectors, these all are car gadgets. They will evolve and evolve and surely our lives behind the wheel will improve.
I don’t know if you own a car or you are thinking of buying one, but I’m pretty much sure you like this technology as much as I do. The best thing about all this is constant evolution. There’s like a hidden system working for us, trying to transform good into better.
Thanks to the smart and ingenious people and technicians we are stepping intro the future every day, being useful and why not trendy.