Sunday, February 11, 2007


First of all, what are these “gadgets”? Some will say gizmos, other will say inventions. The synonyms are many, but what’s important is that they are useful and indispensable devices.
The need for car gadgets appeared with the birth of the first car, agree? With years, the car itself evolved, opening new ways to invent and overall to increase the pleasure of driving and not only driving. Being in a car is a state of mind if I can say, it’s a part of reality lived in another way by each and everyone of us.

Let me describe one of the oldest devices implemented on a car, a thing that gave birth to the gadget we call it today: the radio. At the beginning, the car came on the market without the radio. In 1929, Paul Galvin invented it, but those radios were not available from the carmakers, they were purchased separately. Let’s come back to nowadays. A car radio is not what is used to be… now, if we talk about it, we can speak in terms of mp3 player or CD/DVD player with amps and woofers, and those are just the simplest models when it comes to car audio system. I consider this a gadget. The breakthrough inventions changed the way a car is driven, analyzing the comfort, the drive conditions or just the pleasure. Many of these : cruise control, air bags, transmissions, power steering are the base of what we have today, but the engineers aren’t stopping here. You should see how a car will look in the future. WOW

Going back to the gadgets, they evolved in pace with technology. When the mobile phone appeared on the market, people thought that we should be mobile and safe while driving, so they invented the handsfree car kit. Of course, the phones evolved, so the car kit. Now it uses Bluetooth or other breakthrough technologies. The video industry was also successfully implemented in the car: mini LCD screens. You won’t believe where crazy car mechanics install them. Another one can be the GPS. You need one if you are a respectable driver and spend a lot of the time in the car. The reasons are many.

I consider that accessories like a fancy car alarm or a complicated radar detector are also gadgets. Or a remote control key starter. I know, I’m slipping slowly in the car tuning area, where gadgets are something very common. They practically feed with these devices always improving and finding new ideas for customizing the best ride.

If you don’t own a car yet, I hope I startled your vision, or maybe these kind of things just let you without reaction. But the car owners, the fellow traffic buddies know what I’m talking about.

The thing that I like best is the constant evolution of the technological zone. Thus the prices of the products I’m talking about is not big or exaggerated, almost everyone can buy them, especially the car lovers. Is the same thing as purchasing a device for your kitchen, or your living room. It’s all about making something good, better.

With the help of high-tech, we are one step closer to the future, being at the same time trendy and useful. And remember, we need them as much as they need us.