Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Portable GPS locator

This gadget is one of the easiest GPS portable tracker, suitable for finding the car in parking lots or in crowded places.

Simply press a button to mark the current location and the GPS Locator can bring you back any time. Compared to other GPS, which are complex and large, this is small (approximately as a key chain) and only 2 buttons: one for on / off and one for setting the location and the other 2 destinations.

This gadget uses an advanced GPS receiver that has great accuracy with a maximum error of about 5 meters. Automatically calculates the distance (in different units of measure: feet, yards, miles or kilometers). As you get close to the destination it automatically calibrates the compass that appears on the screen and indicates the direction of the chosen site.

It is waterproof and it works with 2 AAA batteries that provide autonomy up to 20 hours.