Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Electronic assistant ?

Starting from the idea of title, an Israeli company has developed a complete system that helps the driver and prevents him from being careless.
It can even take control of the car if its driver does not react to alarm signals.

Equipment is out of the test phase and will be available next year.

Any driver knows that a second of inattention can cost a life. That is why Israeli inventors found a solution that "to fix" human imperfections.
The camera "reads" the immediate environment surrounding. The image reaches a processor that continuously evaluates the risk and displays on a screen all potential "barriers" and the distance to each other.

The system makes the difference between cars and pedestrians at a distance of 35 meters and emits a high sound within a few seconds before a possible collision. The driver has the possibility to avoid the accident. If he does not react immediately, the electronic assistant can order the car to brake.

The system will be launched next year and the price is not even that high: about $ 1,000.