Monday, October 12, 2009

Anti sleep - SmartCap

A significant proportion of road tragedies are due to fatigue. Some drivers, desperate to reach their destination as quickly as possible, forget to take brakes for resting and keep on driving. For them, there is a gadget designed to prevent accidents. It is a hi-tech cap (SmartCap), equipped with sensors to monitor the brain. When it detects a specific activity of fatigue, the processor sends signals to a display terminal, which will alert the driver.

Of course, the driver may ignore the alerts, considering that they are wrong and that he knows best when to pull over. In addition, the cap does not fight unconsciousness or lack of skill at the wheel.

Originally SmartCap was used by truck drivers in mining (CRCMining, Australia), but the encouraging results have prompted the company to provide this technology to all. I am convinced that such a product would be really useful for all drivers, but after some improvements.