Saturday, March 17, 2007

Car gadgets - Best anti-theft system

Are you one of those people who everytime when bought a new car, after dreaming of it for the last 2 years, woke up in the morning and realised that the thieves took it for a little test ride? You don`t know where your last 3 cars really are? You tried a lot of expensive car gadgets for GPS tracking with no success? (yeah...nowadays burglars are really smart and can detect that gadgets instantly ). Solution: you can use one of the newest car gadgets that can stop thieves from stealing your car.
What is it?
Well... it's a device you can set up in your car.. and everytime a thief wants to do his job, that gadget eliminates a gas that has an instant blinding effect, keeping your car in the parking lot . Don`t waste your money on expensive car gadgets that don`t work, give it to me for distributing you this new information about one of newest car gadgets in the world biggrin